Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Doreen and warmly welcome to my blog! I don’t know how you got here, but I am excited to host and show you around in this part of my world. Very intentionally, I am a Tanzanian based professional (or any word really that you will refer to call the hardcore 9-5 champ). I have a potential legal background (that I don’t actively use) while working as a product manager in one of the leading banks in my country. 

I’m also a proud board member for Msichana Initiative, an NGO that believes in the girl child’s abilities and how they can change the world. (for more information, please visit our website). See, I intend to spend my short time on earth, seeing and recognizing other women successfully pursue their passions and achieve their wildest dreams; because why not?

Apart from my professional career, I am a writer (the whole reason for having this blog). Recently, I am thrilled to call myself a freelance curator and creator, blending a passion for content creation, social media marketing and photography (hooray). Doreenandy.com is a lifestyle, self-improvement, and growth mindset brand that encourages men and women from around the world to live their best lives, out-loud.

I enjoy LEARNING, eating, travelling, children (especially those who don’t belong to me), digital inventions, books, and a little more of books. But most of all, I love to write about these things. I combine storytelling with book reading to sustain growth and live life to its fullest through that path. Yes – that is the hill I chose to die on.  

As a lifelong student and avid reader, I use blogging as a tool to tell my story, create everlasting content, and inspire others to dream and achieve more. So, whether I’m talking about morning routines or career advice, everything I share is geared towards helping you on your journey to be your best self. This blog should be your safe space, where we talk and discuss how to grow as confident human beings by telling our stories. 

If you still have questions about who I am as a person, start here; it’s one of the first steps I took against vulnerability.

You’re welcome to also email me at atdoreenandy@gmail.com