You ever feel overwhelmed with all that is happening with your life? Spending 8 hours a day scrolling and scrolling, and it just all makes you insanely depressed? Not knowing what you’re doing wrong to deserve the number of things happening in your mind and life? Well, this is what I was going through a couple months before May.

This happened during the same time I was reading Strive Masiyiwa’s book – How to Build A Multi-Billion Dollars Business: Breaking Through Africa Challenging Economies. I genuinely got into the book, not getting enough hours to sleep, cancelling my eating routine all for the book. I enjoyed it because apart from reading Robert Kiyosaki and How to build business books, this was from my market, my culture and all on tackling the African Market.

I’m saying all this because apart from entrepreneurial lessons I got from the book, one paragraph struck me, where Strive talked on how he read the whole Bible, page to page, start to end several life-changing moments in his life. This struck me, taking into consideration the phase of life I was into. It was the right time to accept the Challenge.

This lady found something that will keep her committed to reading the scriptures and Alas! Social media hiatus was it. So I made myself a vow not to get back to Social Media until I was on Revelation 22. THE STRIKE BEGUN.

Deleting all my Social Medias.

It took me sometime sitting in the idea until when I dared to write that one tweet up and taking the stride across another ’80s life spirit of no social media. Here I sat looking at the time I spent on Twitter and Instagram in a day as I uninstall one app after another.

A Week Later… I still had the urge to see what people are talking about on twitter, how I am missing several conversations going on.

A Month Later… the same feeling, each day was a struggle of its own. I filled my whole day with all these time blockages of reading the Bible kept my whole in it. Found out it wasn’t enough, so I also downloaded more podcasts and more books to make me forget and move on from the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) I was facing.

How to take a Social Media Hiatus

I am not here to lie to you that the urge ever stops, nor am I here to tell you how it’s easily done, I am here to tell you it’s worth it and you can also do it.

And here’s how to:

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Amit Ray

1. Start by writing down you’re reasons.

Identify why this is so important for you. Mine was to rejuvenate the mind and understand my sole purpose of living. Several things happen when you’re engaged with your 500 followers, we all post our best times out there, and it’s easy to sit in a corner thinking you’re the only one taking lemons.

2. Fill up the spare time that you’re now left from Social Media.

I was spending 6-8 hours a day on social media, now that I want it all gone where will I be spending these hours too. Know what will be filling up your space, is it Yoga, Running, Working Out, Reading books, Working on that side project you have been putting off?

3. Uninstall all the Social Media’s you intend to take a hiatus from.

Due to you’re work reasons, personal reasons, essential reasons there may be some of the social media that you can’t keep away from. Identify the ones that bring your toxic side and press that uninstall button.

What I gained from my Hiatus.

  • My life has changed significantly since I deviated from social media. I don’t think I even fully understand how much it has positively impacted me. Honestly, I might not be here writing and publishing a refreshing site if it wasn’t for the past three months. What I have and how what I have is enough.
  • I just learned what a bomb human being I am. I realised how I actually hate pop up notification, and I would instead put my phone on DND the whole day. I realised how my eating habits vary depending on the weather. How my life in a forest will look like. This was a revealing lesson for me, and I am thankful for my time off.
  • I got to fully understand the gospel and how I am best to imitate it. Of course, I have tried before reading the Bible, and by now, you know it never worked out for me. This time around, I started thinking of how I can be a Christian for 25 years and not deeply understanding the scriptures and gospel I come from. How is it possible that I can read a minimum of 30 books a year and never take time to read the Bible. This was entirely worth my three months.
  • Social media will always be around.

Alas, it still the same Instagram I left three months ago, same twitter I left three months ago. What you’re so scared of living aside will still be waiting for you after you get back. Imagine the texts and notifications don’t disappear! Just hear me when I say, it is not going anywhere.

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